How is Tempered Glass Made?

Tempered GlassTempered glass is stronger than most other types of glass and is used when human safety is a concern. It gets its strength from an intense heat and cooling treatment, and it is, therefore, resistant to heat and breakage. If it does break, it shatters into small pieces that are less likely to cause injury. Read on to see just how the tempered glass used for showers and sliding doors in Boca Raton is made.


Before the tempering process can begin, the glass must be cut to its desired size and shape. If any adjustments, such as etching, are made after the glass is treated, it could cause product failure or reduce the strength of the glass. The glass piece is then inspected for any possible points of breakage. Then an abrasive, such as a sander, is used to take the rough or sharp edges off and smooth down any imperfections. The glass piece is then rinsed off and ready for tempering.

Thermal Process

The heat treatment involves a tempering oven, through which the piece of glass will travel in batches or continuously. The oven will heat the glass to more than 600 degrees Celsius. Then the glass goes through a seconds-long, high-pressure cooling treatment called quenching. This cooling process cools the edges and outer surfaces of the glass more quickly than it does the center. As the center of the glass piece cools, it attempts to pull back from the outer edges. This causes the center to go into tension and the outer surfaces to go into compression, which gives tempered glass its strength.

Other Options

Some glassmakers will use a process of chemical tempering. This process includes various chemicals exchanging ions on the surface of the glass, which causes compression. However, this process does not create the same strength that heating and quenching does. The process can also be more costly, and it is therefore not widely used.


All About Reflective Glass Showers and Mirrors

Reflective Glass Showers & Mirrors LogoThe glass is everywhere in our lives, whether it is the sliding door to the backyard or the frameless shower enclosure in the master bathroom. The mirrors in your hallways are made from glass, as well as the many windows in your home. When it comes to the installation, repair, or replacement of these glass fixtures in Boca Raton, call Reflective Glass Showers and Mirrors LLC.

The folks at Reflective Glass Showers and Mirrors have been offering their quality service for more than 15 years. We are a family owned and operated company that provides the highest quality glass on the market. You can choose from a wide variety of glass types and installments. We believe in the importance of making our products available to everyone, and we are willing to work with any budget to offer affordable prices. Reflective Glass Showers and Mirrors offers 24-hour and same-day emergency services for all glass products, as well as small replacements and total repairs. We provide glass fixtures for residential homes, businesses, and for contractors. Contact us today to see for yourself the difference our quality glass and service can make in your life.


The Benefits of Frameless Shower Enclosures

Frameless Shower Door Enclosures by Florida State Glass & MirrorIf you are looking for something to transform your master bathroom, look no further than having your very own frameless glass shower enclosure installed in Boca Raton. Not only are they durable and functional, but they are also fully customizable for your design needs. Read on to find out more of the benefits of owning a frameless shower enclosure.

Adds Value

If you are looking to increase the value of your home, you have probably already considered remodeling. A remodel on one or more rooms can give your house the modern update it needs, increasing the appeal for possible homebuyers. A remodeled bathroom has huge potential for increasing your home’s value. There are plenty of possibilities for a bathroom remodel, from glass countertops to wall mirrors. Give your bathroom the updated look it needs with a frameless shower enclosure, while also making a smart investment on your home’s value.

Updated Appearance

You can get the sophisticated bathroom look you have always wanted with a frameless shower enclosure. Installing a frameless glass shower can quickly take your bathroom’s look and feel to the next level. A glass shower door or enclosure will give your bathroom the new, modern feel you are looking for. Additionally, a frameless shower enclosure looks stylish no matter how you choose to decorate your bathroom. The sheer glass walls will showcase the interior tile and backsplash or highlight your light fixtures. These fixtures are often quite customizable, which allows you to get the shower you have always dreamed about.


Some customers considering a frameless shower enclosure may be worried about a glass door cracking or shattering. However, there is no need to worry about the fragility of a frameless shower door or enclosure. Frameless showers are made with tempered glass, which is about four times stronger than most types of glass.


Decorating a Mantel with Mirrors

If you need a design update in your home and do not know where to begin, try using something you likely already own. Mirrors are versatile design accessories and will look great almost anywhere in your home. Perhaps you have framed or unframed mirrors lying around or stored away. New custom vanity mirrors are widely available for purchase in Boca Raton.

Watch this video to see how you can use mirrors as a decorating tool. Place one or more mirrors on a mantel for a fresh new look. You can use one large mirror as the centerpiece, layering smaller mirrors in front of it or placing them around the main mirror. You can hang multiple small mirrors in a design that pleases the eye. Play around with mirrors and try out different layouts to see which you like best.