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You might think that you would need to spend a fortune to give your bathroom a modern update, but the truth is that you can do it by adding something as simple as frameless shower doors. Installing new bathroom mirrors in Boca Raton is another excellent way to freshen up the appearance of your space. Here are a few other options that will help you get the job done.

Swap out your current medicine cabinet with a sleek surface-mount cabinet.

Do you have a big, bulky cabinet hanging in your bathroom right now? You can replace it with a surface-mount cabinet that features a beautiful vanity mirror to achieve a more modern look. You will still be able to use the cabinet for storage, and it will be every bit as functional as you need it to be. However, it will also serve as an accent piece in your bathroom.

Add a new faucet to your bathroom sink.

Some people think they need to replace their entire sink in order to add a new faucet. You might want to consider doing that if your sink is old and dingy, but if it’s still relatively new, replacing the faucet with a modern option is easy and will make a big difference in how the entire sink looks.

Consider a frameless shower enclosure.

Your shower probably takes up a large portion of your bathroom, but it doesn’t have to overpower the space. Frameless shower doors will look modern, but they will also make the bathroom appear larger than it really is. A frameless shower enclosure is a way to go if you want to make the biggest difference in your bathroom.

Put up a light fixture that has a modern touch.

The light fixture that you choose for your new modern bathroom doesn’t have to make a loud statement. Rather, it should be minimalistic, elegant, and very simple. It should complement the other modern touches in the room and shed light on what you are trying to do with space.


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