Your Options for Glass Tabletops

Glass Tabletops in Palm BeachGlass tabletops are a great option for protecting the surface of an existing table. By working with a company that specializes in glass table tops in Boca Raton, you will be able to create a custom glass piece that has been designed to fit perfectly on the surface of your table. As you are designing a glass table top cover, you will have several factors to consider. First, your glass tabletop can be constructed from a variety of glass materials, ranging from clear glass to a mirrored surface. Along with choosing the type of glass that will look best on your table, you will also need to decide whether you would prefer a flat-polish edge, beveled edge, or pencil edge. Glass table tops also come in different thicknesses ranging from ¼ of an inch to a full inch thick. With the assistance of a company offering glass repair and design, you will have no problem creating a stylish and functional glass tabletop for your home.


Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Decorating With Mirrors

Decoration with Mirrors in Palm BeachA mirror is a fabulous decorating tool for any home. When you are seeking a highly effective way to add visual appeal and spaciousness to a room in your house, you may want to consider decorating with wall mirrors. By creating a custom mirror near Boca Raton, you will be able to design a mirror that fits perfectly with your interior design scheme. While a mirror can transform an interior space, it is important to plan your mirror installation carefully to avoid a decorating faux pas. Let’s take a look at some essential mistakes to avoid when you are decorating with mirrors.

Placing Mirrors Without Regard to Design

When you are decorating with mirrors, it is important to consider how your mirror installation with work with the overall design of a room. An effective mirror installation can be used to reflect an architectural component or another visually appealing part of a space. If you place mirrors in your home without regard to the design of your space, you may wind up compromising your interior design.

Using Too Many Mirrors in the Kitchen or Bedroom

While some rooms, such as bathrooms, are a natural fit for multiple mirrors, other spaces in your home should include only one or two mirrors. For example, while mirrors can be stunning in your kitchen, it is a good idea to limit your use of this decorating tool when you are planning your kitchen design. Likewise, you should be sure to avoid using too many mirrors throughout your bedroom space.

Forgetting to Include Mirrors in Smaller Rooms

As you are decorating with mirrors, it is essential to include mirror installations in the smaller rooms of your house. A well-placed mirror is a highly effective tool for adding a feeling of space and light to a smaller room. For example, placing a mirror in a tight hallway can open up your space dramatically. A company offering custom mirrors near you can help you get the most out of your mirror decoration project.


Decorating with Mirror Art

When you are seeking a stylish alternative to traditional wall art, you may want to consider decorating your home with mirrors. A mirror can be used to add style and drama to your interior spaces. As you are decorating with wall mirrors, you will have several factors to consider. For example, decorating with multiple mirrors can help you create a focal point to a room. With a custom mirror, you can create a single mirror that has been designed to fit perfectly in the dimensions of your space. When you are shopping for a mirror in Boca Raton, be sure to contact a company that specializes in the design and fabrication of custom mirrors. For a closer look at how to decorate with mirror art, be sure to watch this informative video from ehowathomechannel.