Decorating Your Glass Doors

Between front doors, back doors, and frameless shower doors in Boca Raton, glass has proven itself as a durable and aesthetic material for the home. However, plain tempered glass is not always the most exciting look. Fortunately, you can spice things up with a few décor tips. Watch this video clip for tips on decorating your glass doors.

Part of the beauty of glass doors is the fact that you can modify them in all kinds of ways. If a large slab of plain glass isn’t quite doing it for you, consider decorating your glass doors. You can do so using lenses with patterns or stencils on them, or you can frame them with treatments. Be sure to consider the way your new decorations will affect the amount of light that passes through your glass doors as well as the level of privacy you will be able to enjoy.

The Benefits of French Doors

French Doors by Florida State Glass & MirrorWhen you are looking for a great way to blend your indoor and outdoor spaces or two connecting rooms, you may want to consider installing French doors. Unlike sliding glass doors, which travel back and forth on a track, French doors swing out like conventional doors. There are many benefits to working with a mirror company to create beautiful French doors for your home. With a quality French door installation, you can add light and spaciousness to your indoor areas. Among the hallmarks of a French door are their multi-pane glass designs. Along with adding light to your home, new French doors will also boost the insulation and energy efficiency of your indoor spaces. Since French doors can contain ornate detailing and beautiful woodworking, your French doors will also be a stylish addition to your property. A company offering mirror and impact doors near Boca Raton can help you create gorgeous custom French doors for your home.


Reasons to Choose a Frameless Shower Door

Frameless Glass Shower Doors by Florida State Glass & MirrorYour shower is one of the most important spaces in your bathroom. Whether you are planning a bathroom renovation, or are building a brand new home, it is essential to choose glass shower doors that match perfectly with your personal style. While sliding glass doors have long been the standard for shower door installations, many homeowners are now choosing to install frameless shower doors in their newly updated bathroom spaces. A company offering frameless shower doors in Boca Raton can help you design and install the right shower enclosure for your bathroom. Here is a look at some of the top reasons to choose a frameless shower door.

Create Distinct Spaces

With a frameless shower door, you will be able to create distinct spaces that will divide up your bathroom. Typically, frameless shower doors are much larger than their conventional counterparts. With an oversized frameless shower door installation, you will be able to divide your showering area from your vanity or bath, without the need to construct additional walls.

Allow Natural Light

A frameless shower door is designed to enclose your showering space, without blocking the flow of natural light. When you install frameless shower doors in your bathroom, you will benefit from all of the sunlight that streams in through your bathroom windows. Natural light will provide your bathroom with a tranquil and inviting look and feel. Rather than blocking light with a heavy frame, a frameless shower door will let sunlight enter your bathroom beautifully.

Add Modern Appeal

When you are designing a modern bathroom space, frameless shower doors are a terrific choice for your home. Since frameless shower doors are free of clunky hardware or unsightly metallic frames, they can provide a crisp and streamlined look for your modern bathroom. Your frameless shower doors can also help to accent your bathroom’s color scheme, as your shower doors will allow your wall paint or tiling to be seen from other areas in your bathroom.


Placing a Mirror Over Your Front Door

A mirror is a great addition to any front entryway. When you are planning on decorating with a mirror, it is important to make sure that you have all of the tools you need to install your mirror safely. After you have located all of the necessary tools, your next step will be to determine whether your mirror will hang horizontally or vertically. A small, circular mirror can also be used to enhance your space. A company offering wall mirrors near Boca Raton will be able to help you create the right custom mirror to place over the front door of your home. To learn more about some essential tips for placing a mirror over your front door, watch this video.

Clever Ways to Use Mirrors in Small Spaces

Mirrors in Small SpacesDecorating a smaller home can sometimes feel like a daunting task. To add style and appeal to your house, without making your indoor spaces feel cramped, you may want to consider decorating with wall mirrors. A mirror adds light and spaciousness to a room, without adding too much clutter to the wall. A company that specializes in the mirror in Boca Raton can help you create the perfect custom mirror for your wall, hallway or bathroom. To get the most out of your mirror installation, it is essential to keep certain principles of design in mind. Here is a look at some clever ways to use mirrors in small spaces.

Place Large Mirrors Behind Furniture

A large mirror can be tricky to place in a smaller room or hallway. When you are decorating with a larger mirror, you may want to consider placing your mirror behind a piece of furniture. By placing your mirror behind your furnishings, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your mirror, without having to dedicate a wall solely to the mirror, itself.

Take Advantages of Light Sources

Lighting is very important when it comes to the interior design of a small space. To get the most out of your room’s lighting, you should be sure to consider your lighting design when you are choosing and installing your mirror. When a mirror reflects lighting, it can create a beautiful and appealing effect that will completely transform the feel of an interior space.

Reflect Your Windows and View

Mirrors can also be used to take advantage of a beautiful view that you may have out of one of your windows. In a small space, having window space is key for opening up the room and making it feel inviting and spacious. When you reflect a window with a mirror, you will be able to take extra advantage of the harmonizing effect of a beautiful window view. Your glass and mirror company can help you create the perfect mirror for your indoor space.