Do Your Shower Doors Need Replacement?

In order to maintain the safety and beauty of your glass shower doors, you may need occasional glass repairs. If glass repair isn’t possible, you will have to resort to complete glass replacement for your shower’s frameless glass shower doors. If you don’t hire a professional glass repair company in Boca Raton for replacement, you run the risk of becoming injured when your glass shower door shatters or cracks.

It’s important to recognize the warning signs that your frameless glass shower doors need glass replacement. If your glass shower door has a small crack or chip, think about the replacement. With continued use, a swinging or sliding glass door with chips or cracks will become more and more damaged, eventually shattering. You should also consider glass replacement for your frameless shower door if the door does not close correctly or completely, or if it has leaked.

Another warning sign that you need glass replacement is if your frameless glass shower door has become discolored or cloudy despite cleaning. As glass shower doors age, they can become stained and discolored. Glass replacement will restore the beauty of your shower door, and as a result the beauty of your entire bathroom.

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Creating an Interior Design with Mirrors

If you’re renovating or remodeling your home, you can use vanity mirrors, wall mirrors, and a variety of other custom mirrors to enhance your home’s interior décor. Mirrors reflect light and can make any room seem bigger, brighter, and more cheerful. Here are some tips for using decorative mirrors and custom mirrors to create a cohesive interior design. To find the perfect mirrors for your home, work with a custom mirror company in Boca Raton.

Consider the Room’s Size and Style

In order to pick the right type of custom mirror for your home, you must first consider each room’s size and style. You don’t want to overwhelm a small room with a huge wall mirror, for instance. If you’re picking out a bathroom mirror or vanity mirror, choose one that complements the style and materials of your bathroom fixtures and accessories. If you’re picking out a custom mirror for your living room or bedroom, choose a mirror style that complements the existing décor in the room.

Choose the Right Size for Your Mirrors

The size of your mirror will primarily depend upon the size of the wall on which you plan to hang the mirror. If you have a large wall and want to make a dramatic statement, you can install a wall mirror. The size of your bathroom mirror will depend upon how much usable wall space you have, and how you plan on using the bathroom mirror.

A vanity mirror should only be as wide as the vanity itself and should be long enough to allow someone of any height to use it naturally. You can order a custom mirror in any size or shape necessary for your needs.

Determine Mirror Placement Based Upon Natural Light Sources

When using mirrors in your interior design, you’ll want to place them in such a way that they take advantage of and magnify your natural light sources. Pay attention to where and how natural light enters each room, and hang mirrors in places that will reflect that natural light around your home. This will make your rooms brighter and more spacious looking without requiring you to use expensive electrical lighting during the day.
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Tips for Cleaning Your Mirrors

Once you have invested in vanity mirrors or wall mirrors, it’s important to know how to clean them properly. Routine mirror maintenance will prevent your new mirrors from becoming cloudy, dirty, and discolored. Vanity mirrors and bathroom mirrors are particularly susceptible to soap scum buildup, which might necessitate glass repair or glass replacement if not regularly and properly cleaned.

Watch this video for some great tips for cleaning your bathroom mirrors or glass shower doors. You can quickly remove soap scum and dirty buildup using tools and products you probably already have in your home. If you keep your bathroom mirrors and shower doors clean and clear, you can enhance their lifespan, beauty, and function. If your old mirrors are caked with soap scum, contact a mirror and glass company in Boca Raton to get a quote on a replacement mirror.

Unique Ideas for Your Shower Door Installation

During the spring season, you may want to take the time to complete a home improvement project around your house. One of the home renovations that will provide you with the best bang for your buck is a bathroom remodel. New bathroom mirrors and frameless shower doors can completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom. With the assistance of a company offering shower doors in Boca Raton, you will be able to pick out beautiful new features that will completely transform your bathroom. To help you get the most out of your new glass shower doors, here is a look at some unique ideas for your shower door installation.

Choose Frameless Shower Doors

One of the top design trends for today’s shower doors is the frameless design. When you install frameless shower doors in your bathroom, your new shower will have a sleek and modern look. Frameless shower doors are distinguished by their unobstructed glass construction. With new frameless shower doors, you can also add light and spaciousness to your bathroom.

Go for Bright Whites

While many shower doors traditionally have heavy, metallic frames, some homeowners are choosing unique color options for their shower door designs. To provide your shower space with a fresh update on a classic look, you may want to go for a bright, white shower frame. Your shower door fabricator will be able to construct you a custom shower door that has the colors, dimensions, and materials that are perfect for your bathroom.

Consider Natural Lighting

When you are selecting new shower doors for your bathroom renovation, it is also important to consider the natural lighting that is available in your space. A carefully placed shower door installation can take advantage of all of the beautiful natural light that comes streaming into your bathroom throughout the day. By incorporating natural light into your shower door design, you can help make your bathroom appear more spacious.
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