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When you invest in a new vanity mirror near Boca Raton, you have the opportunity to significantly upgrade the look of your bathroom and complete its overall design. Vanity mirrors come in a wide variety of sizes, edges, and finishes.

Number and Size

If your bathroom has his and her sinks, you’ll need to decide if you want a single, large mirror, or a pair of smaller ones. A full-wall mirror will add drama and elegance to the bathroom while smaller ones can be creatively customized to add personality using frames and finishes. Large mirrors not only look impressive, but they also help to make your bathroom look bigger by reflecting more surface area and light. Multiple mirrors may be necessary if the room features windows and lighting fixtures that cross the bathroom wall.

Frame and Edging

If you opt for matching mirrors over each of your two sinks, you’ll have the option of framing the glass or leaving the mirror bare against the wall. Frames can be designed in a broad range of sizes, colors, and styles, allowing you to tie them in with your bathroom cabinetry or hardware. Some framing options to consider include rustic wood, tiled, gilded, bold paint, or a sleek, black finish. Frameless mirrors can be customized with flat-polished, seamed, pencil, or beveled glass edges in clear, low-iron, gray, frosted, or bronzed glass.

Bathroom Design

The overlying theme of your bathroom will have an impact on your choice of mirror style. If your bathroom’s design is neutral and calm, you may benefit by choosing unique and bold frames and multiple mirrors. Bathrooms with dramatic colors or bright patterns often look better with one large or two smaller frameless mirrors. For traditionally-themed bathrooms, consider a pair of ornately-framed oval mirrors to add a look of luxury to your walls. Modern and minimalist bathrooms will benefit from tall, frameless, rectangular mirrors that will bring simplicity and elegance to your space.

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