Why Choose a Frameless Shower Door?

Frameless shower doors in Boca Raton are very popular for several different reasons. These beautiful glass shower doors bring a sense of style and modernity to any bathroom. Frameless shower doors can uplift any size bathroom with custom-made glass doors, and they can add many benefits while decorating your bathroom. Call your local glass and mirror installation company to see some examples of how frameless shower doors can positively influence your bathroom.

Open Your Bathroom Space

One of the most popular reasons to install frameless shower doors is to make your bathroom space look even bigger. Instead of hiding a quarter or more of your bathroom space behind a shower curtain, open up that space with beautiful and sleek glass walls. Your bathroom will look much bigger, and you can show off your modern-looking new shower space.

Let in the Light

When taking a shower behind a shower curtain, or a frosted glass door, the light from your bathroom vanity mirror tends to dim. Sure, you can install a light above your shower, but you risk future electrical or mold issues surrounding the light fixture. With frameless shower doors, you can let in more light from your bathroom lightbulbs. You can also install a skylight to allow in natural light. This will keep your bathroom looking spacious and bright all of the time.

Show Off Your Bathroom Décor

If you have spent time and money to create a haven in your bathroom—i.e. tiling the walls, installing gorgeous overhead lighting, etc.—then why keep it hidden behind a shower curtain? Frameless shower doors allow all of your bathroom décor to be seen. Whoever enters the bathroom will be able to see the decorative mosaic you installed in the shower. Or, if you have been creating a tropical paradise, your guests can see the decorative palm tree in the corner of your large shower. There are many options to decorate your bathroom, and frameless shower doors can help you show it off.

Frameless Shower Doors in Boca Raton

Using Mirrors in a Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom does not need to be a bad thing, especially when you can use various wall mirrors near Boca Raton. Mirrors are a favorite decorative feature of all homeowners because they create the feeling of more space in the bathroom or house.

Utilize the Available Space

Depending on the shape of your bathroom, you can take advantage of the available wall space to make certain areas look bigger. If you have a long and narrow bathroom, consider installing a long mirror over the sink and vanity. This will create an illusion of a much bigger bathroom. If you have a small, square bathroom, you may want to paint or tile the walls in a solid color. This solid colored wall, with a small vanity mirror, can make a small bathroom feel bigger and taller.

Create a Never-Ending Room

Not many people know that mirrors create an illusion of space. Often, they can sense something is different about a room with a mirror in it, but they cannot put their finger on it. If you pair two mirrors and install them across from each other, you can create the illusion of a never-ending room. The reflections in the mirrors constantly bounce off of each other, which can make your guests feel like they are in a much larger room. Be careful not to overdo this, though; some people may find it off-putting to be in a room with wall-to-wall mirrors.

Use a Mirror for Extra Storage

When you have a small bathroom, you need to take advantage of every nook and cranny that is available. To create as much storage as possible, install your medicine cabinet behind your vanity mirror. This will help free up space. If you wish to combine the never-ending room illusion with your extra storage, then install a few smaller mirrors around your bathroom. Behind each mirror, you can install cabinets to hold linens, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials.

Mirror in Small Bathroom

The Importance of Using Impact Glass

If you live in a hurricane, tornado, or high-activity storm area, then impact windows and doors will be your best friends. These windows and doors feature specially-designed glass that will help protect your home and family from dangerous debris and storm damage. Here is a brief look at why impact windows in Boca Raton are so important:

  • Impact doors and windows will increase your energy efficiency throughout the year. The glass is often reinforced with impact-resistant materials that have an added benefit of insulating the glass. This extra insulation allows for less heat or cold to penetrate the windows and doors, creating a more energy efficient home.
  • Your home will be better protected with impact windows and doors. This protection extends beyond storm damage. Impact windows can protect your home from possible home invasions.
  • By installing these windows and doors throughout your home, you will significantly increase its value. Many homeowners seek a well-protected home. When you replace your unprotected windows with impact windows, you will attract many potential homebuyers.


Impact Glass & Doors

Should You Repair or Replace Your Windows?

When deciding whether to replace your windows or opt for window repair near Boca Raton, there are a few factors to keep in mind. For example, if your home is near an active storm area, then you may want replacement windows in the form of impact windows. These can better protect your home.

As you can see in the video, some homeowners opt to have their windows repaired instead of replaced due to money constraints. Other homeowners may choose window repair to save their antique windows. However, depending on where you live, or how damaged your windows have become, you may need a full replacement window. Consider impact windows as your replacements. Impact windows are meant to protect your home from storms and home invasions. They also have the added benefit of better insulation, so your home is more energy efficient with these windows installed.