Tips for Decorating Your Entryway

Your home’s foyer plays a significant part in the overall look of your interiors and should make a lasting impression on your guests. Continue reading for tips on decorative glass and mirrors in Boca Raton along with other pieces to design a fashionable entryway.

Create a Photo Wall

If you have a narrow entryway that lacks the space for much furniture, then a photo wall presents you with an excellent option for making this part of your home appear elegant, unique, and welcoming. You can choose to use frames in various colors, sizes, and styles to give the wall an eclectic appearance, or work with a single theme to give the collection a modern and cohesive look. Also, consider adding a few mirrors to the wall of art and family photos to incorporate brightness and interest.

Use Geometric Shapes

One excellent way to make your foyer memorable and exciting is to use patterns and colors that are bright and eye-catching. Consider adding a long, rectangular console featuring a glass table top in the back-painted glass to add a bright and elegant pop of color to space. Or, install a modern bench and include a couple of throw pillows that have bright, geometric patterns.

Choose Rustic Elements

If your home has a country, cottage, or cabin theme, then your entryway should be designed to match. Use furniture in natural woods or antiqued colors to give the space a lived-in and traditional feel. Also, include decorative elements such as old milk cans, glass vases, mirrors framed in wood, wildlife illustrations, or potted plants to create a natural, rustic look.

Include Functional Pieces

While it’s important for your entryway to feel inviting and be well decorated, do not forget to consider function while you create your design. By choosing furniture and storage pieces in the right sizes and colors, you can create an entryway with places to keep things like shoes, coats, and hats that still appears streamlined and attractive.

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Making Magic With Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, create the illusion of space, and can be elegant and eye-catching. If you’re thinking about purchasing mirrors in Boca Raton to enhance your interiors and make your rooms appear larger, then watch this video for tips on using custom mirrors to make magic in your interior design.

The reflective quality of mirrors can function in several ways. Mirrors can reflect natural light around a room to make it brighter and more welcoming, and they can also add sparkle and interest to space. There a number of ways in which you can use mirrors, such as hanging them on walls, propping them up in a corner, or decorating with furniture and accessories that have mirrors built-in.

Reasons to Choose a Custom Bathroom Mirror

Are you giving your bathroom a makeover? If so, then consider going with a custom design for the room’s mirror. There are several good reasons why many people choose to enhance their home with custom bathroom mirrors in Boca Raton.

Your bathroom’s vanity mirror plays a major role in the overall design of the space. Because of this, it’s important to install one that is the right size for both your bathroom and the vanity. Choosing a custom mirror for this part of the room is a great way to get a mirror in the perfect dimensions.

Another consideration is that bathrooms can vary greatly in design. While this can make it easier for you to create a unique space, it may be difficult for you to find a mirror in the size and style that you want for the room. If you’re facing this problem, then you can benefit from choosing a custom bathroom mirror.

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