Spotlight on Glass Tabletops Around Your Home

If you have been looking for a new décor around your home and yard, then look to glass tabletops in Boca Raton . Glass tabletops can come in a variety of shapes and designs to match your current décor or update it. Here is a closer look at some areas of your home that would benefit from a glass tabletop:

The Dining Room

The dining room may be one of the most common places you will see a glass tabletop. You might choose a dining room table that has a tabletop completely made of glass, or you may prefer to update the look of your current dining room table with a glass tabletop cover. If you choose a custom tabletop cover, consider the decorating possibilities available to you. You may like to showcase family photographs, postcards, or drawings between the table and the glass tabletop cover.

The Living Room

Another common area for glass tabletops and covers can be found in the living room. You may choose a glass coffee table or place end tables in between your couches and chairs. These make for sophisticated-looking tabletops that require little upkeep and maintenance. They can be customized, same as your dining room table, to fit a current tabletop, or you may prefer a brand-new glass tabletop.

The Patio

As part of your outdoor kitchen design or patio furniture, there are many sturdy glass tabletops that will look beautiful on your patio or deck. You may like the look of a glass tabletop with a wrought iron or wooden table. Your options are open for your patio furniture; however, look for easily-maintained materials that can withstand sun and rain.

The Office

Similar to your dining and living room, you can choose a desk with a glass tabletop or choose a glass tabletop cover. This is a high-class look for any office or den in your home. Consult with your glass company and installers about the sturdiest glass and desk materials to hold your computer and other tools you may need.

Using Glass Tile in Your Kitchen

If you want to give your kitchen a more modern look and make it easier to clean, adding a glass tile backsplash is a great way to do it. Installing a glass tile backsplash in Boca Raton as well as glass table tops and other modern touches will make your entire kitchen feel more open and airy. Watch this video to see kitchens with glass backsplashes installed.

There are a variety of glass tile backsplashes to choose from. They come in everything from clear to fully-colored glass, and they will help to add reflective light to your kitchen. They are also easier to clean than most other backsplashes, and they will complement glass table tops well and pull together the look of your space. Install a glass tile backsplash today to see how durable and hygienic they are.