Putting Clear Glass Panels to Work

Installing a frameless glass shower enclosure is a great way to bring the beauty and benefits of glass into your home. But it’s not the only way that glass can help to make your home more functional and more stylish.

Does your home look out over the waters of the Intracoastal Waterway, the Atlantic Ocean or even a scenic lake? Clear glass balcony railings are a great way to get more pleasure and enjoyment out of your beautiful view. But that’s just the start!

Ever since Covid-19 changed the way we work, people have been struggling to set up home offices that allow them to be productive during their working hours without reducing the comfort and functionality of the house for the other hours of the day.

Getting Down to Business with Glass

Glass ceilings in the workplace are meant to be shattered, but there are ways that clear glass panels can be used to great advantage in a home office. 

Glass Walls/Panels

Frosted glass or etched glass can provide privacy without sacrificing the flow of natural light in your space. They are also a wonderful way to divide up a space without making things feel too small or cramped. 

Glass windows and sliders

In addition to providing lots of beneficial natural light, they can reduce noise.

Glass Railings

If you have an awkward or underutilized space at the top of your stairs or along an upper-level gallery, glass railings can help transform it into a bright and airy workspace for you or for the kids. 

Glass topped furniture

Heavy, dark furniture can make what could otherwise be an intimate and charming space feel crowded and claustrophobic. The savvy use of glass for your workspace – whether as the surface for your desk, a glass tabletop or glass shelving used in place of a bookcase or credenza – can help to create a light and breezy atmosphere.

If you are interested in more innovative design ideas involving glass or would like to request a free estimate on a clear glass shower enclosure, please contact us.