How to Keep Your Glass Shower Enclosure Sparkling

Whether you have a frameless glass shower door or a complete clear glass shower enclosure, there are simple steps you can take to make sure your bathroom looks as sparkling and stylish as you imagined it would. 

As the folks at Better Homes & Gardens say, “A glass shower door adds modern elegance to your bathroom, but like other bathroom fixtures exposed to moisture, unsightly grime and mineral deposits can build up.”

Their advice on how to clean glass shower doors for a bathroom that sparkles includes:

  • They suggest wiping your clear glass shower panels down after everyone in your family has showered. Others recommend keeping a squeegee in the bathroom, so you can quickly whisk away water drops before the dry and cause spots. 
  • “Leaving the door open after a shower will also help dry it out,” the folks at Better Homes & Gardens say. 
  • There’s another step you can take to help keep those lovely frameless shower doors sparkling, they say: “To further prevent hard water spots and keep shower doors clean, spray the doors with a water repellent spray, such as Rain-X, or consider installing a water softener to reduce mineral buildup.”
  • When it is time to clean your glass shower panels, Better Homes & Gardens is among the many experts that recommend using a DIY glass cleaner made with vinegar. They suggest that you “mix distilled white vinegar (heated first) with the grease-cutting power [sic] of dish detergent, such as Dawn, in equal proportions. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray it on the front and back of the doors. Let the mixture stand for about 30 minutes or until it has cut through the grime. Rinse off the solution using fresh water and a damp sponge, and dry the glass with a microfiber cloth.”


A note of caution: As BHG reminds us” “If your shower is made of stone, vinegar could damage it.” As an alternative, they suggest that you make an environmentally friendly paste using liquid soap and baking soda. 


Lemon juice might be another possible replacement for vinegar. “Juice from lemons isn’t as acidic as vinegar,” 


The Home Depot’s experts report. And there’s a bonus! “It smells better.”

For more tips on maintaining your clear glass shower enclosure, contact us.

The Benefits of Using Low-Iron Glass for Your Shower Enclosure

There are lots of great reasons to update your bathroom with a beautiful clear glass shower enclosure. It will make your bathroom feel more open and larger as well as more modern and stylish. Once you have decided to install a glass shower enclosure, however, you still have to decide what type of glass you want to use.

There are a variety of different types of glass that are suitable for frameless shower enclosures. There are benefits to all of them. Deciding which one is right for you will depend on your project and your aesthetics.

Glass Options for Your Shower Enclosure

At Florida State Glass and Mirror, which sells and installs clear glass shower panels and glass railings in South Florida, from Jupiter to Fort Lauderdale, we offer our clientele a wide variety of glass types, including: 

  • Clear Glass
  • Low-Iron Glass
  • Frosted Glass
  • Rain Glass
  • Bronze Glass
  • Gray Glass
  • Low-Iron Frosted Glass
  • Etched Glass


Low-Iron Glass

Low Iron Glass is the one we often get questions about so, we thought we would take this opportunity to focus in on this exciting glass option.

Have you ever noticed that if you look at the edge of a sheet of glass or window, the side appears to be green? That slight coloration comes from the presence of iron in the glass. It is the most common choice in a variety of applications.

Low Iron Glass, as the name implies, is made with less iron. You might be able to detect a very slight greenish cast, but for all intents and purposes it is colorless in appearance. This offers a number of benefits: 

  • Exceptional clarity
  • Higher light transmission
  • The true colors of your shower tiles can be seen through a low-iron glass shower enclosure.


Low iron glass is a slightly more expensive option for clear glass shower enclosures, but if you are investing in some of the amazingly distinctive shower tiles available today as part of your new bathroom décor, you might consider the price well worth it.

For more information about Low Iron Glass and the other glass options available for your new glass shower panels – or for your new frameless glass balcony railings – please contact us.

The History of the Shower: Part 3

Bathtubs were the only game in town for most of human history. Sometimes, they would be set off from the rest of the room where they were located by a screen to offer some privacy in the days before there were actual rooms dedicated to the act of bathing and person hygiene, but even as the 18th century was dawning, we still weren’t even close for the need for someone to invent the shower curtain, let alone something as advanced in both form and function as frameless glass shower enclosures.

Things Are Heating Up!

As Kaushik Patowary explains in a post about the History of Showering found on Amusing Planet, it was advances in medicine and epidemiology that spurred a renewed interest in keeping clean.

As Patowary points out, though, there were drawbacks. “Bathtubs were large and needed a lot of water to fill, which had to be heated and carried to the bathroom from the kitchen in buckets. It involved a lot of labor.”

It wasn’t until 1767, when William Feetham was given a patent for the first mechanized shower. It never really caught on for two reasons: 

  1. The water in its tank was used over and over again over the course of your shower, so the cleaner you got, the dirtier the water that you were showering in was.
  2. It used cold water. (Ironically, Feetham was a stove maker.)


The first hot shower, the English Regency Shower, came along in 1810, but it still reused the water. It wasn’t until the second half of the 19th century that things really started heating up.

“In 1868, an English painter named Benjamin Waddy Maughan invented a water heater that, for the first time, did not use solid fuel. Instead, water was heated using hot gases generated by a burner. Unfortunately, Maughan forgot to add a ventilation causing the burner to sometimes explode,” Patowary’s history of showering reports.

“Maughan’s design was improved by a Norwegian mechanical engineer named Edwin Ruud, and in 1889, the first safe, automatic, gas-powered water heater was invented and a new era of warm showers began,” Patowary says.

It still took time for not only the technology but the cultural attitudes surrounding bathing and showering evolved enough to usher in the era of the clear glass shower enclosure.

If you are more interested in the future of showers – particularly your shower – and would like to talk about frameless glass shower panel options, please contact us.

The History of the Shower: Part 2

As we referenced in a previous post on the history of the shower, people were much too busy working on developing a practical form of showering for most of human history to be thinking about something as advanced – and as attractive – as frameless glass shower enclosures and frameless shower doors.

We covered the earliest advancements in showering, which took us from waterfalls to having someone pour a jug of water over your head, in our first blog post on the History of Showering. Obviously, we still have a long way to go.

It’s All Greek to Me

In A Short History of Showering, Kaushik Patowary tells us about the ancient Greeks who, thanks to aqueducts and advances in plumbing, had indoor showers. They weren’t installed in people’s homes, though. Communal bathing was done at what they called gymnasiums. “Jets of cold water cascaded from the ceiling while bathers stood under it.” Note that there still was no such thing as a hot shower. 

The ancient Romans had showers in their bathhouses, too. Evidence of them can exists in Roman ruins found around the Mediterranean and in modern-day England.

When the Roman Empire collapsed, the popularity of communal bathing did, too. But just because people didn’t want to be naked and vulnerable in public during those turbulent times, it doesn’t mean they didn’t want to be clean. At least occasionally.

“While public baths fell out of use in Mediaeval times, contrary to popular belief, sanitation did not,” Patowary writes. “Indeed, the crusaders brought soap back from the far East to Europe, and soapmaking first became an established trade during the so-called ‘Dark Ages.’ What was lost was the sophisticated water and sewage systems developed by the Greeks and the Romans. People went back to bathing in wooden tubs.”

You could say that was two steps forward and one step back in the development of the modern shower, but it’s really more like two steps forward, two steps back. Never fear, though, the spirit of innovation that would eventually lead to the creation of ultra-sleek, ultra-modern frameless shower doors and frameless glass railings would rise again.

The History of the Shower: Part 1

Long before the technology existed to make lovely frameless glass shower enclosures and frameless shower doors, the technology that made showers possible needed to be developed. 

We take so many things for granted these days – including the ability to, with the simple turn of a knob, enjoy a nice hot shower. But for most of human history, people would have considered what we take for granted to be a luxury. 

Making a Splash 

“Personal hygiene hasn’t always been an integral part of grooming, yet the need to clean oneself easily and quickly was as pressing in ancient times as it is today,” Kaushik Patowary, a contributor to Amusing Planet, writes in A Short History of Showering. “Bathing in a tub was cumbersome, so those who could bathed under waterfalls. These were the first showers used by man.” 

There are, of course, a couple of downsides to bathing under a waterfall: 

  • You can’t find a waterfall around every corner. If you didn’t need a shower when you started looking for one, you most certainly would by the time you found one.
  • Water pressure is important for a good shower, but the pressure from many waterfalls would be enough to crush you before you were swept away in the churning current.
  • And then there is the very important fact that there are no hot-and-cold-running waterfalls, so you wouldn’t be able to adjust the temperature until it’s exactly what you want. Your only options were cold or very cold. 


Pouring It On

Patowary credits the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians with the invention of the first “man-made” shower but having someone pour water over your head isn’t really what we consider a shower built by people. It was definitely a step in the right direction – at least for the wealthy. You could have your servant heat the water before pouring it over your head.

Clearly, although they were responsible for introducing an amazing array of useful things – including writing and chariots – the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians didn’t enjoy the benefits of glass shower panels. And they certainly didn’t have the benefit of the kind of service provided by the experts in frameless glass shower enclosures at Florida State Glass and Mirror. Contact us if you are ready to modernize the look of your shower!

Creative Colors for Your Bathroom

So, you decided it’s time. Time to try something new in the bathroom. Why not? You spend a good chunk of your life there, so why not invest a little time and money in a colorful upgrade. If you have a glass shower enclosure, a fresh new color on the walls or vanity can really make a statement.

What to Look for When Choosing Paint for Your Bathroom

Designers from HGTV always have great ideas and they don’t disappoint when it comes to offering bathroom paint color ideas:

  • Misty Gray

This color is very popular now and for a reason. It complements so many different looks and designs. It looks good with almost anything, including white and silver tones. Changing walls to gray is an easy way to create an elegant, modern look.

  • Navy

A saturated color, like navy blue, can add interesting contrast to an all-white bathroom. “The classic blue hue adds drama and contrast to any airy space and looks handsome with all metal finishes,” HGTV’s experts say. 

  • Sage Green

This earthy color is serene and soothing and it pairs great with natural, light tones, according to HGTV. 

  • Coral

“The fresh and flamboyant coral hue brings personality and warmth,” HGTV says. Their designers suggest mixing it with contrasting mosaic tiles and brass hardware – which will be appreciated all the more with frameless glass shower doors.

  • Yellow

Sunny and bright, this color will always lift your spirits. Just imagine waking up to a cheerful yellow room!

  • Denim Blue

The suggestion from the pros at HGTV is to use this warm shade of blue to highlight your bathroom’s best features. 

No matter what color you choose, a clear glass shower enclosure or frameless shower doors will let you enjoy it all the more. Call us at (561) 997-6990, or contact us online for more information.

Take Luxury to the Next Level with Glass Shower Panels

Frameless glass shower doors are a great and stylish way to update any bathroom. They are modern and practical and add a sense of instant luxury.

If you are planning a bathroom renovation and want to create a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere there are other features that you may also want to consider in your planning process. One thing that always makes a space feel luxurious is space. In most cases, you will just have to work with what you have, but if you have an extra room that is being underutilized and if your budget will stretch to cover it, you might want to think about expanding the footprint of your new bathroom. 

The Luxe Treatment

Clear glass shower enclosures and extra space are not your only options when it comes to creating a luxurious bathroom. The folks at Better Homes & Gardens offer some great suggestions for fulfilling your dream of a luxury bathroom. Here are a few of our favorites:  

  • Showerheads

A small showerhead is not what you want for your luxury bathroom. These days you have lots of options, including rain showers and steam showers. You should also consider which finishes will highlight your design. 

  • Mirrors

An elegant mirror is a must in a luxury bathroom. You can have a fixed mirror and a couple of flanked mirrors that will allow you to see yourself from multiple angles. Wall-mount lights at each side of the mirror at about eye level, with a third light above the mirror, will illuminate your face from both sides and above, removing shadows. Get a mirror with quality optics. It will always tell you that you are “the fairest of them all.”

  • Faucets

The easiest way to change your bathroom look is a faucet. Make it contemporary or minimalistic, but let it stand out on its own.

  • A Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

Luxury doesn’t necessarily equate to expensive. For example, fresh flowers in a lovely vase will emphasize the beauty of any room, including your bathroom. 

Of course, frameless shower doors are still one of the easiest ways to instantly evoke a sense of luxury in your bathroom. And we aren’t the only ones who think they are beautiful. Frameless glass shower doors – and frameless glass balcony railings – remain a top trend this year. If you aren’t sure what would work in your home, contact us. We would be happy to discuss your options.

Did You Know Adults Spend More Than 1 Year in the Bathroom?

Need a reason to invest in a frameless shower enclosure for your bathroom? We at Florida State Glass and Mirror found one.

Statistics show that the average adult spends – get this – 416 days of his or her life in the bathroom. More specifically, the average adult male spends 373 days in the bathroom, and the average adult female spends 456. That goes to show you that while the kitchen might be the most popular room in the house, without a doubt, the bathroom is the most important.

What are you doing in there?

“The bathroom is a sacred place for many people,” the folks at Study Finds explain. “It’s where we go to prepare ourselves for the world, make sure we look our best, and often times it serves as a quiet place to take a breath during a busy day.”

So why not make your bathroom beautiful?

  • Turn it into a spa-like setting or a his-and-her hangout.
  • Paint the walls a bright color.
  • Add artwork.
  • Fill the space with therapeutic scents such as citrus, lavender or vanilla.
  • And get those glass shower panels you always wanted.

The folks at Study Finds also pointed out that homeowners have experienced “significant life moments” in their bathrooms.

“In all, 10% say they’ve given themselves a pep talk, another 10% say they have had arguments, and 8% report having an intimate heart-to-heart with a loved one,” they say. “On top of that, 51% say renovating their bathroom has tangibly improved their happiness at home.”

If you would like to improve your happiness by renovating your bathroom, we would love to help. You deserve it and this would be a great time to honor the room in which you will find yourself spending more than one year of your life. 

Clear glass shower enclosures are a great way to give your bathroom a modern new style. If you would like more information about the possibilities, please contact us.

Bathroom Remodeling Projects Are at the Top of America’s List

There are lots of different ways you can incorporate frameless glass railings and panels into the décor of your home. The most popular, by far, however is in the bathroom where a clear glass shower enclosure can help to create just the look and feel you are going for. 

In fact, we think that the popularity – and the beauty – of frameless glass shower enclosures is part of what is driving a trend that the folks over at Home Advisor have identified.  

The State of Home Spending Report

Every year, Home Advisor puts together a report that looks at the money we are spending remodeling, maintaining, fixing and upgrading our homes. Among the highlights from the most recent State of Home Spending report is that bathroom remodeling projects are the most popular home improvement project.

The report was published in June of 2019. That means it reflects a world where no one had ever heard of Covid-19. Home Advisor hasn’t put out a report in 2020 – at least not yet. It’s not surprising, given the current situation. We will definitely be looking forward to their future reporting, though. With all of us spending so much more time at home this year, we’re guessing that the interest in home renovation and repair projects has been on the rise. 

“The spending patterns that characterize how we service and customize our homes represent a distinct and valuable area of the economy. Our homes are typically our biggest purchases, our most valuable assets, and our largest source of savings. At the same time, homes are deeply intimate places in a non-economic sense. They’re where we spend most of our time — where we grow our families, raise kids, age, retire, study and recreate,” Home Advisor’s report says.

Kitchen remodeling traditionally reigned supreme, it is only recently that bathroom remodeling has risen to the top of homeowners’ wish list. If it is at the top of your list and you are interested in including a clear glass shower enclosure or frameless glass shower doors one of the highlights of your new bathroom, we hope you will contact us!

Tips for Designing a Custom Mirror

Wall mirrors have been used for decorative purposes for centuries. When you are planning a design update for your home, you may want to get in touch with a company that offers mirror fabrication in Boca Raton. By designing your own custom mirror, you will have the opportunity to create a unique piece that ties together the furnishings and other elements in your room. During the mirror design process, you will have several factors that you will want to consider.

Your custom mirror needs to be the right size for your wall. Smaller mirrors are good choices for tight and compact spaces. A larger room, such as an entryway or foyer, will be a good match for an oversized custom mirror. Other features to include in your custom mirror design include bullnose edges, engraved patterns, and beveled edges. Your mirror fabrication specialist can walk you through some of the options that are available for your customized design.

Custom Mirror Design by Florida State Glass & Mirror Experts