You Can See the Quality as Clear as Glass

Here at Florida State Glass and Mirror, we have been proudly serving the South Florida community for more than 20 years. Whether you are looking for a clear glass shower enclosure, frameless glass railings or, perhaps, a custom mirror, you can trust us to deliver the quality and service you deserve. 

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are a few of our five-star Google reviews: 

  • Samantha says, “I was very satisfied with my shower enclosure and my LED mirrors for my bathroom. I cannot fathom how great the work was. If you’re looking for a great shower and mirror company, this is the company to use! From the time Nick came to give me my quote and from the time Andy installed my showers I couldn’t of been any happier! THANK YOU FLORIDA STATE GLASS AND MIRROR!!!!!”
  • Gloria said, “Wow!!! They did a fabulous job with my Shower and also the mirrors. I am looking forward to do the Railing. The workers are nice, clean, and fast! I recommend to use this company Florida State Glass and Mirror.” 
  • Some Guy (that’s what he calls himself, it wasn’t our idea!) said, “Outstanding, prompt and excellent service! So happy with my frameless shower enclosure just installed! Please Highly recommend!!!”

We’ve also received lots of A ratings on Angie’s List, like these:

  • “I bought a sliding glass shower door online. I had a glass guy ready to install it and he vanished. Angie’s list to the rescue. This company was very professional. They cleaned up all of their mess and there was zero problems. They even went to their shop and got me a custom piece to replace what was stock so it would be a better quality installation at no extra charge. Great glass company.”
  • “Great, one of the best contractors I have hired on Angie’s List. Would highly recommend them.”

We are really grateful to all of our wonderful clients who have taken the time to post reviews of our work like these. Florida State Glass and Mirror, your South Florida destination for glass shower panels, seamless glass railings, commercial glass and custom mirrors, is a family-owned and family-operated business, so we truly do understand the importance of customer service.

What Type of Hardware Does Your Frameless Shower Enclosure Need?

Frameless shower doors can transform an ordinary bathroom into a beautiful and contemporary oasis. When you are getting ready to install new frameless shower doors in Boca Raton, you will need to work with your glass fabricator to select the right hardware for your frameless glass shower doors. The right hardware will accentuate your frameless or sliding glass doors, without cluttering up their clean and streamlined look.

There are a few essential pieces of hardware that are needed in nearly every frameless shower enclosure. In order to easily enter and exit your shower, you will need to install door handles on the surface of your glass. Towel bars are also necessary for most frameless glass door designs. Your glass fabricator may also need to use glass hinges to secure your door in place. When you are choosing your hardware, you can select a variety of finishes, including brass, bronze, nickel, and chrome.

Frameless Shower Enclosure in Palm BeachFrameless Shower Enclosure in Palm Beach

Different Edges for Custom Glass

There are four different edges you can order for your custom glass table top. These four edges—flat, beveled, seamed, and pencil—are popular for any type of glass table top cover. However, each edge looks better for a specific type of glass table top in Boca Raton. Let’s take a quick look at the different edges for custom glass orders.

The most traditional glass edge is known as a flat polished edge. It features straight lines that run the length of the custom glass. For a framed and futuristic look, glass table tops and mirrors are often given a beveled edge. This edge causes the glass to slope down, which creates an attractive framed appearance. Seamed edges are similar to flat, but their flat edge is cut at a slight angle. Pencil polished edges are great to use for rounded glass, such as a glass table top. Speak with a qualified glass and mirror company to determine the best edge for your project.

Different Edges for Custom Glass


Look at How to Install Frameless Shower Doors

If you are shopping for new shower doors that will make your bathroom appear lighter and more spacious, you may want to consider installing frameless shower doors. Unlike conventional shower doors, which are visually broken up by bulky metal frames, frameless doors are constructed from solid pieces of glass. A company that offers glass repair near Boca Raton can help you design and build beautiful custom glass shower doors for your home. To guide you through the process of choosing new shower doors, here is an overview of the frameless shower door installation process.

Determine the Ideal Layout of Your Enclosure

During the first step of a frameless shower door installation, your technician will take the time to measure and evaluate the size, dimensions, and ideal layout for your new frameless shower door enclosure. Your frameless glass shower doors should be large enough to provide you with easy access to your shower space, but not so large that they take over the whole bathroom. Depending on the dimensions of your shower, your doors may need to be custom cut to fit your bathroom.

Choose a Glass Style

Your technician will also take the time to consult with you on the materials that will be used for your frameless shower door design. This consultation will also allow you to choose a glass thickness and hardware color that matches the overall look of your bathroom. You can also pick between frosted glass, tempered glass, clear glass, or even rain glass. Once your materials have been chosen, your technician can start to build your custom enclosure.

Install the Frameless Shower Doors

After your custom shower enclosure has been built out of high-quality glass, your technician can start the installation process. While installing your new shower doors, your technician will make sure that your bathroom floor and walls do not get dirty or damaged. Once the shower doors have been carefully mounted in place, you are sure to be amazed at the beauty and elegance of your new frameless shower door design.

Frameless Shower Doors by Florida State Glass & Mirror

How to Pick a Glass and Mirror Company

Whether you are shopping for new shower doors or you are dreaming of placing a beautiful custom mirror above your mantle, you will want to make sure that you find a glass and mirror company that is fully equipped to provide you with quality products. A company that specializes in mirror and glass repair near Boca Raton can provide you with the construction and installation services that you need to create a beautiful design for your home’s interior. To help you gear up for your glass repair or installation, here is a look at some factors to consider when you are picking a glass and mirror company.

Ask About Experience

When you are picking a glass and mirror company, you will want to ask your technician about the amount of experience that the company has in the industry. For the best results and service, it is a good idea to work with a glass company that has been constructing custom glass and mirror designs for at least a decade.

Review Products and Workmanship

Along with asking your glass and mirror company about their experience in the industry, you will also want to review their past products and workmanship. A quality glass company that takes pride in its work will be happy to provide you with a portfolio of their past products. You can also ask to review any glass or mirror samples that they currently have in stock.

Look for Affordable Pricing

Your custom glass or mirror work should not break the bank. The perfect glass and mirror company will provide you with great products at an affordable price. A company that is committed to beating the prices of its competitors will make sure that you get a great deal on the cost of your installation. Once you have found a glass and mirror company that is affordable, experienced, and highly regarded by its customers, you will be ready to start designing a new glass piece for your home.

Glass and Mirror

Tips for Improving Your Home’s Value

Whether you are planning on selling your home soon or not, it is essential to continually make improvements. These improvements—such as installing impact windows or frameless shower doors in Boca Raton—can significantly improve the value of your home. These features can also help you sell your home quickly, which will help you save money down the road. Here are a few tips to improve your home’s value:

Tip #1: Update Your Bathrooms

Your bathrooms are among the most important areas of your home, especially when it comes to upgrading the house. Your bathrooms’ décor and fixtures could make or break a potential buyer’s impression of your home when it is on the market. Installing frameless shower doors can automatically brighten and visually widen your bathrooms to give the right impression. Your bathroom mirrors should also be cleaned and maintained regularly. This will ensure they retain their value and beauty, which will help your home’s overall value.

Tip #2: Install Protective Windows

It is so important to have protective windows and doors on your home, especially when you live in South Florida. Impact windows can protect your home in many ways, which will improve its value. Impact windows and impact doors can deter potential burglars, protect your home from debris, and even save you money on energy costs. All of these benefits and more will significantly improve the value of your home and draw in prospective buyers. Prospective homebuyers are likelier to purchase a home with these helpful amenities than purchase a home without them.

Tip #3: Maintain a Clean Property

Maintaining and improving your home’s value also comes down to its general cleanliness. Prospective homebuyers often purchase homes based on their first impressions. Homes and properties that are not regularly cleaned may have broken, stained, or faded features. Shower doors, windows, shutters, carpeting, and flooring should all be cleaned regularly to ensure they maintain a fresh and beautiful appearance. Ensure that your home’s value remains the same or improves by maintaining a clean property at all times.

Bathroom Glass and Flooring by Florida State Glass & Mirror

How to Improve Your Home’s Value Before You Sell [Infographic]

If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, chances are you want to do everything you can to make it appealing to potential buyers. In addition to drawing buyers to your home, you’ll want to get as high of a selling price as you can. This may mean making a few improvements before you put your house on the market. Bathroom remodeling can be a smart choice; try replacing an outdated bathtub and curtain with frameless glass shower doors in Boca Raton. You can give the impression of more visual space by adding a mirror to any room in your home. If you have windows with cracked or old glass, replacements will help both the interior and exterior appearance of your home. Check out this infographic to learn more about improving your home’s value before you sell. Please share with your friends and neighbors!

Improve Your Home's Value

Using Glass for Your Shower Walls

There are many glass applications that can grace your homes such as accent glass tiles, frameless shower doors, and glass tile backsplashes in Boca Raton. If you have been looking to update your bathroom or shower design, then watch the video to learn more about using glass for your shower doors and on your walls.

Glass shower doors are very popular because they can visually open a bathroom and create an air of modernism and sophistication. However, you can also install small glass tile accent pieces in your tiled shower walls. These glass tiles—frequently seen on glass tile backsplashes—are very popular around the house. They can break up the monotony of a simple tile design, or they can add a few pops of color to your shower walls. Whatever you choose to use them, make sure you have a professional installer to keep the glass well-protected


Why Impact Glass Matters

Impact windows and impact doors near Boca Raton are important because of their glass, also called impact glass. This type of glass is essential in areas that receive strong weather like hurricanes. It can keep a home permanently protected against the damaging effects of hurricanes, intruders, and even the sun’s rays. Let’s take a closer look at exactly why impact glass matters.

It Is Permanent

When the hurricanes that plague Florida every year begin, some residents choose to cover their windows and doors with plywood or tape. Unfortunately, even if these measures stand the strength of a hurricane, they are still temporary solutions. The plywood must come down eventually, and the tape must be torn off. Both of these temporary protective measures can damage the window glass or the frame every time a homeowner chooses them over a permanent impact window installation. Impact windows and impact doors are permanent solutions to the damaging effects of hurricanes every year, and they will only protect a house from damage; they won’t cause it.

It Is Secure

Impact window glass is important to protecting a house from the damaging elements that accompany hurricanes—such as flying debris, water infiltration, and wind damage. Impact glass can take a lot of damage without showing any signs, unlike normal window glass. It can better protect the home and inhabitants from flying debris. Impact window glass is also secure enough to deter home invaders from breaking the window glass, or prohibiting their entrance should they still try to break the glass.

It Is Protective

In addition to protecting a home and its inhabitants from flying debris or potential invaders, impact glass can also protect the interior of a home from harmful ultraviolet rays. The sun’s rays let in ultraviolet light, which can permanently fade or discolor interior furnishings. Impact window glass is made up of at least two glass panes with a laminating film to keep the glass secure on impact. These multiple panes and film help block the sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays, which can protect a home’s interior.

Impact Window Glass Installation in Palm Beach

How to Design a Glass Shower

A master bathroom remodels will add comfort and appeal to your house. During your bathroom remodeling project, you might want to replace your old and worn out shower doors with beautiful frameless shower doors. This video will provide you with the information that you need to get started on designing your shower doors in Boca Raton. The style and construction of your shower doors will determine your privacy and comfort while you shower.

Modern shower enclosures are available with beautiful frameless designs. Unlike sliding glass doors, which can require bulky hardware and metal features, frameless shower doors offer translucent design features. Your glass design company will advise you on the best shower doors to fit in your newly remodeled bathroom space.