Why Impact Glass Matters

Impact windows and impact doors near Boca Raton are important because of their glass, also called impact glass. This type of glass is essential in areas that receive strong weather like hurricanes. It can keep a home permanently protected against the damaging effects of hurricanes, intruders, and even the sun’s rays. Let’s take a closer look at exactly why impact glass matters.

It Is Permanent

When the hurricanes that plague Florida every year begin, some residents choose to cover their windows and doors with plywood or tape. Unfortunately, even if these measures stand the strength of a hurricane, they are still temporary solutions. The plywood must come down eventually, and the tape must be torn off. Both of these temporary protective measures can damage the window glass or the frame every time a homeowner chooses them over a permanent impact window installation. Impact windows and impact doors are permanent solutions to the damaging effects of hurricanes every year, and they will only protect a house from damage; they won’t cause it.

It Is Secure

Impact window glass is important to protecting a house from the damaging elements that accompany hurricanes—such as flying debris, water infiltration, and wind damage. Impact glass can take a lot of damage without showing any signs, unlike normal window glass. It can better protect the home and inhabitants from flying debris. Impact window glass is also secure enough to deter home invaders from breaking the window glass, or prohibiting their entrance should they still try to break the glass.

It Is Protective

In addition to protecting a home and its inhabitants from flying debris or potential invaders, impact glass can also protect the interior of a home from harmful ultraviolet rays. The sun’s rays let in ultraviolet light, which can permanently fade or discolor interior furnishings. Impact window glass is made up of at least two glass panes with a laminating film to keep the glass secure on impact. These multiple panes and film help block the sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays, which can protect a home’s interior.

Impact Window Glass Installation in Palm Beach
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