See the Future Clearly (with glass upgrades)

With the confusion, fear and turmoil of 2020 behind us, perhaps it is in everyone’s best interest to look at 2021 with open eyes, positive thoughts and a mind as unclouded as a clear glass shower enclosure from by Florida State Glass and Mirror.

Taking such an optimistic approach to the New Year can’t hurt, right? Thoughts along those lines might even be valid now that a COVID-19 vaccine is here.

To take the focus off the doom and gloom that remains amid a global pandemic, we suggest you think about a home-improvement project, namely modernizing your bathroom. 


Make Your World a Little Brighter

Florida State Glass and Mirror can supply your special sanctuary with frameless shower doors and glass shower panels as well as LED mirrors, glow mirrors, mirrors with illuminated borders and vanity / makeup mirrors. And it isn’t just the bathroom where we can help you see clearly!  Our list of products can be used in many areas throughout your home, including: 

So go ahead and put your energy into something that will ensure happiness and joy for your family in 2021 and possibly as long as you live in your home – an upgrade to its interior hardware.

“…we will come through on the other side and we will go back to our lives,” historian Howard Markel says in a STAT article. “There have been epidemics for millennia, and those who survive move on with their lives and they go on.”

The article continues: “Perhaps by the holidays in December 2021, life will feel safe enough that memories of the anxiety and fear of spring 2020 start to blur. After all, Markel said, the typical final act of health emergencies is “global amnesia,” when people forget the lessons of what they just lived through.”

If you would like to see your future clearly and your home made more beautiful, we would love to give you more information about seamless glass railings,  frameless shower enclosures and more. Contact us at 561-903-2715.

How to Clean Soap Scum from Your Shower Door

Frameless shower doors are a beautiful addition to a bathroom, but many homeowners don’t know how to clean them. Thankfully, glass shower doors in Boca Raton are not difficult to clean with the right cleaning supplies.

Watch this short video to learn the easiest way to clean your glass shower doors. Mix ½ cup of ammonia with 1 gallon of water. Pour this mixture into a clean spray bottle. Open a window to allow ventilation in against harmful ammonia fumes. Wear clean rubber gloves, and start to spray your shower doors. With a soft rag, scrub the solution and soap scum. Rinse the solution and scum off with clean water, and dry the surface with a soft rag.

How to Use Mirrors in Your Living Room Design

Creating a new living room design can completely transform the value and appeal of your indoor space. When you are planning out a new interior design scheme for your living room, you may want to consider adding a mirror to one or more walls. Wall mirrors can be used to reflect light, while also drawing attention to a certain architectural feature in a space. With assistance from a company that offers custom mirror creation near Boca Raton, you will be able to create the ideal mirror installation for your space. Let’s explore some ideas for how you can use a mirror in your living room design.

Consider Position and Placement

One of the top factors to consider when you are decorating your living room with a mirror is the position of your new mirror in your space. Since mirrors are reflective, they can be used to accent natural lighting or a beautiful view. You may also want to place your mirror next to a special piece of furniture.

Create a Unique Shape

As you are creating a custom mirror, you will have the opportunity to design a custom shape that matches the shape of your living room wall. While traditional mirrors are rectangular or oval in shape, you may want to work with your mirror designer to create a special shape for your installation. A mirror with unique angles or embellishments will add fantastic visual appeal to your walls.

Choose a Beautiful Frame

Mirrors can also be highlighted with beautiful custom frames. As you are working with your mirror fabrication specialist, you will have the opportunity to choose a beautiful, custom frame to go along with your new mirror. The style of your frame should match the décor in your living room. If you have a classic living room decorating scheme, you may want to pick out an ornate wooden frame. A contemporary living room will look great with a sleek frame that is made out of quality metal.

Living Room Design Mirrors by Florida State Glass & Mirror

How to Design a Glass Shower

A master bathroom remodels will add comfort and appeal to your house. During your bathroom remodeling project, you might want to replace your old and worn out shower doors with beautiful frameless shower doors. This video will provide you with the information that you need to get started on designing your shower doors in Boca Raton. The style and construction of your shower doors will determine your privacy and comfort while you shower.

Modern shower enclosures are available with beautiful frameless designs. Unlike sliding glass doors, which can require bulky hardware and metal features, frameless shower doors offer translucent design features. Your glass design company will advise you on the best shower doors to fit in your newly remodeled bathroom space.

Tips for Designing a Custom Mirror

Wall mirrors have been used for decorative purposes for centuries. When you are planning a design update for your home, you may want to get in touch with a company that offers mirror fabrication in Boca Raton. By designing your own custom mirror, you will have the opportunity to create a unique piece that ties together the furnishings and other elements in your room. During the mirror design process, you will have several factors that you will want to consider.

Your custom mirror needs to be the right size for your wall. Smaller mirrors are good choices for tight and compact spaces. A larger room, such as an entryway or foyer, will be a good match for an oversized custom mirror. Other features to include in your custom mirror design include bullnose edges, engraved patterns, and beveled edges. Your mirror fabrication specialist can walk you through some of the options that are available for your customized design.

Custom Mirror Design by Florida State Glass & Mirror Experts

The Right Way to Clean Fog from Bathroom Mirrors

Fogged mirrors are a familiar nuisance that can add extra time and hassle to your daily routine. If you are seeking a great way to keep your bathroom mirrors from getting fogged, you may want to consult with a company that offers mirror installations in Boca Raton. With a new custom mirror, you can achieve beauty and style in your bathroom, while also ensuring that you do not have to worry about fog, streaks, or clouding. With the right cleaning supplies and techniques, you can eliminate fog from your mirror, without damaging the surface of the glass. Here is an overview of the right way to clean fog from your bathroom mirrors.

Choose a Gentle Cleaning Solution

To clean fog from your bathroom mirror effectively, you will want to make sure that you use a gentle cleaning solution when you are wiping down your glass. White vinegar is a natural cleaning product that is highly effective for clearing away mirror fog. A combination of white vinegar and water can be used to achieve a streak-free and clean appearance on your mirror.

Use A Microfiber Cloth

As you are wiping down the surface of your mirror, you will want to always use a gentle and absorbent cloth. Abrasive materials can cause damage to the surface of your glass. With a microfiber cloth, you will be able to completely wipe away the fog from your mirror, without running the risk of scratching the mirror, itself.

Apply Shaving Cream

While shaving cream may seem like it should only be applied to your face, this grooming product also has the unique ability to prevent bathroom mirror fog. Before you take a shower in the morning, you can prevent fog by applying a layer of shaving cream to the surface of your mirror. After you have wiped the shaving cream away, your mirror will be completely resistant to fogging. These simple tips will allow you to achieve a clean and fog free mirror that is ready for your use.

Fog from Bathroom Mirrors

Spotlight on Serenity Shower Doors

There are frameless shower doors, and then there are serenity shower doors. With serenity shower doors in Boca Raton, your bathroom will have the ultimate representation of a completely glassed frameless shower door. If you are in the market for the peak of simplicity and sophistication in your bathroom, then serenity shower doors are for you.

Serenity shower doors are the best option to show off the tiling and decoration within your shower. There are no metal handles or hinges that will get in the way of viewing the inside of the shower. The only two pieces of the metal supporting these beautiful glass doors is a stainless steel tube located at the top and a metal glide at the bottom. These two metal pieces fully support the thick glass, leaving you with a beautiful view in and out of your shower. Ask your glass shower door installer how serenity shower doors can make your life better.

Serenity Shower Doors by Florida State Glass & Mirror

Your Bathroom Mirror Options

If you have the option to redecorate your bathroom, take the time to find a beautiful vanity mirror near Boca Raton. With a new mirror, you can update the look of your bathroom in no time. Whether your bathroom is small or large, hanging up a new custom mirror can help complete your bathroom design and make space look much bigger.

Classically Framed Mirrors

Many mirrors may come with a type of frame around the borders. These framed mirrors can easily go over a bathroom vanity for additional décor options. If you are going for a specific theme, such as vintage or rustic, then look for a frame that matches. For example, vintage mirrors might have a very stylized, Baroque look to the frames. Rustic vanity mirrors may have simple wooden frames that have been altered to create a distressed look.

Rustically Paned Mirrors

A very different mirror option you may consider bringing into the bathroom is paned mirrors. A panel of glass mirror would have a window pane glued to it. Depending on the design of the pane, your large mirror may look like a collection of square mirrors hanging up in your bathroom.

Floating Mirrors

Depending on your bathroom vanity set up, you may have the option to create “floating” mirrors. A mirror panel would be attached to a panel of clear or frosted glass to give the illusion of a floating mirror. You can customize the mirror shapes to match a “his and her” theme or whatever theme you have created in your bathroom.

Hidden Storage Mirrors

Do not forget that modern vanity mirrors can double as cabinet space. These mirrors are very popular because they provide extra storage in bathrooms of all sizes. Many mirror shapes and designs can be custom-made to fit your cabinet design. If you find the perfect mirror, complete with a frame or pane, you can probably have a cabinet custom-made to fit the mirror design, as well.

Bathroom Mirror Options in Palm Beach

How a Frameless Shower Door Affects Your Space

Whether you are remodeling or simply updating your bathroom décor, consider how much better it will look with a frameless shower door in Boca Raton. Frameless shower doors add a sense of class and sophistication to the simplest of bathroom spaces. In addition to being a great design choice, frameless shower doors are incredibly strong and durable. They are easy to clean, and they look great in any bathroom. Read on for a closer look at what these shower doors can do in your home.

Brighten the Area

Since frameless shower doors are made of glass, they easily allow in more light. With a shower curtain, you are stuck behind a piece of material that blocks the light, no matter how light in color the curtain is. By allowing in more light, your bathroom will look and feel bigger. It will also create a more energetic space that will help wake you up before that early morning coffee. You can even install a protected overhead light in the shower. This will help project additional light into the rest of the bathroom.

Create the Illusion of Extra Space

Just like vanity mirrors, installing frameless shower doors help lend the illusion of a bigger bathroom. With glass shower doors, there is nothing to block a person’s vision when they step into the bathroom. Shower curtains create a visual and physical barrier that immediately makes the bathroom appear smaller than it really is. Show off the true size of your bathrooms with frameless shower doors. You and your guests will be amazed every time you step into your bathroom.

Show Off More Décor

If you have spent a lot of time trying to decorate your bathroom with the perfect tiling, paint, and countertops, then why would you cover that up with a shower curtain? Many showers have beautiful tiles and mosaics adorning their walls, but no one can see that unless you install frameless shower doors. A glass shower door can show off all of your bathroom décors and help bring your entire theme together.

Frameless Shower Door Design in Palm Beach

Transforming Your Bathroom with Mirrors

Installing a mirror in your bathroom can easily change the look and feel of your bathroom for the better. Mirrors in Boca Raton give the illusion of more space, but they can also double as very effective storage.

As you can see in the short video, bathroom mirrors are becoming more sophisticated and technologically advanced every day. Some mirrors come with a convenient nightlight and defogging abilities. These can help when the bathroom becomes steamed up or you need to visit the bathroom without turning on a bright light. Whether you want a simple vanity mirror, or you are looking for a mirror with useful storage, you can have a new mirror easily installed. No matter what type of mirror you choose, make sure it matches your sense of style and transforms your bathroom the way you want.