Spotlight on Serenity Shower Doors

There are frameless shower doors, and then there are serenity shower doors. With serenity shower doors in Boca Raton, your bathroom will have the ultimate representation of a completely glassed frameless shower door. If you are in the market for the peak of simplicity and sophistication in your bathroom, then serenity shower doors are for you.

Serenity shower doors are the best option to show off the tiling and decoration within your shower. There are no metal handles or hinges that will get in the way of viewing the inside of the shower. The only two pieces of the metal supporting these beautiful glass doors is a stainless steel tube located at the top and a metal glide at the bottom. These two metal pieces fully support the thick glass, leaving you with a beautiful view in and out of your shower. Ask your glass shower door installer how serenity shower doors can make your life better.

Serenity Shower Doors by Florida State Glass & Mirror

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