A Look at Different Styles of Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors in Boca Raton come in many shapes and sizes to match any bathroom size or design. Depending on your personal decorating style, you may desire a mirror that is simple, or you may prefer the capturing look of large wall mirrors. There are many mirror styles to choose from, no matter your decorating style or the size of your home.

Long and Simple Mirrors

Depending on the style of your bathroom, you may prefer a simple look. Whether you choose frameless mirrors or those framed by tile or wood, a long and simple mirror will do wonders for any bathroom style. Consider installing a long mirror over each sink, or install 3 or more mirrors over the entire vanity and countertop space.

Mirror-Framed Mirrors

There is no rule that says mirrors can only be framed by wood, metal, or tile. By framing your bathroom mirrors with smaller mirror tiles, you can visually expand the look of your entire bathroom space. Mirrors with conventional frames can look blockish and visually collide with other decorations and design techniques in a bathroom.

Wall-to-Wall Mirrors

A large bathroom can look stunning with wall-to-wall mirrors installed. These types of mirrors will benefit the bathroom most if they are installed on one wall, usually behind the vanity. Couple these large or tiled mirrors with frameless glass shower doors, and any bathroom design will look and feel much larger than it is. This bathroom style is a decadent look that can complement any home.

Recessed Mirrors

Recessed vanity mirrors have become very popular for several reasons. A recessed mirror, complete with recessed lighting, allows for extra shelf space, and it will visually expand the look of any bathroom size. A recessed vanity mirror is best installed lengthwise, and it can overlook a large vanity or a vanity and toilet. If you desire, install another recessed mirror on the opposite wall to create a visual effect of infinite space within the bathroom.

Different Styles of Bathroom Mirrors
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