Designing with Beveled Edge Mirrors

Edge MirrorsIf you are considering opening up a smaller space in your house but you are unable to knock down any walls, consider designing with beveled edge mirrors in Boca Raton. Beveled glass is convenient because you do not necessarily need to find a frame for your mirror, and your mirror will likely fit into your design nicely as is. Although beveled edge mirrors can enhance your indoor aesthetic in a simple way, it is helpful to learn how to maximize their benefits. Continue on if you would like a few helpful tips on designing with beveled edge mirrors.

Many homeowners decide to use beveled edge mirrors to improve the elegance and luxury that their living spaces emit. You can use this type of mirror as an accent or a focal point, but it is wise to stay away from both at the same time; this means that if you have a beveled edge mirror as your focal point, you will not want another one as an accent in the same room. You will not have to worry about finding the right frame for your mirror because its beveled edges do not require one. Your beveled edge mirror will fit in on its own.


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