How to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom

Sometimes, it is not possible to expand a bathroom in square footage, but there are many ways to maximize the space that is available. Many homeowners will install frameless shower doors to visually open the space and maximize the amount of shower space that can be used. There are other design techniques, such as bathroom mirrors in Boca Raton, which can visually expand a small bathroom so it appears larger.

Install frameless shower doors.

The shower is one of the biggest appliances in a bathroom, no matter its size. Shower and bathtub combinations can potentially take up at least a third of a small bathroom. The lip of a bathtub often extends out by several inches, making that space underutilized and wasted. By installing frameless shower doors, that shower and tub space can either be reduced or put to better use. With frameless shower doors, a small bathroom space will also appear larger due to the open and transparent quality of the shower glass.

Utilize lighting options.

There are 2 lighting options that will help make a small bathroom appear larger. The best option is to utilize any natural light available. A large bathroom window that allows in the maximum amount of natural light will brighten a small bathroom so it appears much larger. If natural lighting is not an easy option, recessed lighting offers soft and unobtrusive light that can be easily placed around a small bathroom.

Maximize storage space.

Even if there is no way to expand the square footage of a bathroom, storage space can easily be added. Shelves, cabinets, vanities, and vanity mirrors allow extensive storage in a small bathroom. Many homeowners will use certain decorating techniques, such as a wicker basket, to double as storage in a small space. If possible, expand storage space into the walls, as well. To minimize the possibility of the bathroom visually appearing smaller, choose light-colored shelves, vanities, and paints.

Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom by Florida State Glass & Mirror
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