Ideas for a Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas by Florida State Glass & Mirror ExpertsYour kitchen backsplash may be both practical and stylish, providing a visually appealing surface that is easy to clean. A glass tile backsplash can be useful if you like the mirror effect in Boca Raton while contrasting darks and lights might be a better fit for a more modern space. You can also use your kitchen backsplash to solidify the theme of your kitchen design, no matter what that theme may be. Keep reading if you are interested in learning about a few ideas for a kitchen backsplash.

Open and Airy

If your kitchen is on the smaller side, you may be wondering what you can do in order to make space appear larger. This is where a glass tile backsplash can help. A reflective backsplash made of glass tile can make your kitchen feel larger by adding an element of depth. Although this element is an illusion, it still tricks the mind into perceiving the space as larger than it is. Glass tiles can also be advantageous because they are easy to clean and may not involve grout lines. Depending on how reflective your glass backsplash is, it may also scatter natural light that comes in through your kitchen window or artificial light from your ceiling fixture. This type of backsplash is also quite durable, so it will likely enjoy a long working life.


When deciding on a kitchen backsplash, consider the themes already present within your kitchen design. Look at the colors of your walls, the style of your cabinets, and the design of your floors. If your kitchen design is more contemporary, you might want to choose a kitchen backsplash that features cool neutral or metallic colors to play off of your dark wooden cabinets. Contrasting accents can help to nicely break up your neutrals in a contemporary kitchen.

Country Feel

If you enjoy a rustic country atmosphere more than a sleek contemporary design, consider choosing a classic white kitchen backsplash to sit under your warm wooden cabinets. A white backsplash can provide a nice clean backdrop for the chrome pulls and knobs on your cabinets.


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