Incorporating a Full Length Mirror in Your Bathroom

There are many times when it is helpful to have a full-length mirror to look at yourself, whether you are going to work or to a special event. However, many bathrooms only have a small mirror or a half mirror that allow you to view yourself from the waist up. Thankfully, you can easily design and install a full-length mirror in your Boca Raton bathroom.

Whether you choose a custom mirror design or a simple full-length mirror, you can hang it anywhere you have space in your bathroom. For small bathrooms, you may choose to install the mirror on the front or back of your bathroom door. This allows you enough space to close the door and view yourself. If you have a larger bathroom, then take advantage of some empty wall space, perhaps next to your towel rack or sink. Full-length mirrors do not need more than a few feet in width—unless you would like a wide mirror—but they do need a lot of vertical space to accommodate for their length. Consult with your glass and mirror company about the correct place to install a full-length mirror in your bathroom.

Full Length Mirror in Bathroom

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