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Shining a Light on Productive Workspaces with Glass

The Harvard Business Review reported on a study conducted by the HR advisory firm Future Workplace, which found that the #1 office perk is natural light.

Of course, with our passion for clear glass railings and glass panels, you don’t have to convince us of the importance of natural light and the difference something as simple as a window can make in someone’s day!

Survey Says…

“The Employee Experience” survey polled 1,614 North American employees. And, as Jeanne C. Meister, who was the managing partner of Future Workplace at the time of the study, said in the Harvard Business Review, “Access to natural light and views of the outdoors was the number one attribute of the workplace environment outranking stalwarts like onsite cafeterias, fitness centers, and premium perks including on-site childcare.

Other findings from the study include:

  • The employee experience is negatively impacted by the absence of natural light and outdoor views. 
  • More than a third of employees say that the amount of natural light in their workspace is not adequate. 
  • Nearly half of the employees surveyed said the absence of natural light or a window in their office makes them feel tired. 
  • More than 40 percent of employees said they feel “gloomy” as a result of the lack of natural light.


Employees apparently know what’s good for them. In the HBR write up, Meister referred to academic research, which has determined that employees who have natural light in their workplace environment had significantly fewer headaches, reported much less eyestrain and were more alert.

Glass railings and glass panels that let natural light reach further into workplaces can also add a chic, contemporary style to any office environment. Interested in learning more? Contact our glass professionals. They love to talk about the benefits and beauty of frameless glass railings and panels!