The Importance of Using Impact Glass

If you live in a hurricane, tornado, or high-activity storm area, then impact windows and doors will be your best friends. These windows and doors feature specially-designed glass that will help protect your home and family from dangerous debris and storm damage. Here is a brief look at why impact windows in Boca Raton are so important:

  • Impact doors and windows will increase your energy efficiency throughout the year. The glass is often reinforced with impact-resistant materials that have an added benefit of insulating the glass. This extra insulation allows for less heat or cold to penetrate the windows and doors, creating a more energy efficient home.
  • Your home will be better protected with impact windows and doors. This protection extends beyond storm damage. Impact windows can protect your home from possible home invasions.
  • By installing these windows and doors throughout your home, you will significantly increase its value. Many homeowners seek a well-protected home. When you replace your unprotected windows with impact windows, you will attract many potential homebuyers.


Impact Glass & Doors

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