Using Mirrors in Interior Design

A strategically placed mirror in Boca Raton can go a long way, and it can enhance the overall aesthetic value of your living space. You might use your custom mirror to scatter light around a normally dim room, create the illusion of openness and depth, or accent your design in a similar way to hanging artwork. Mirrors are typically quite affordable and come with many benefits, so it is wise to understand how to incorporate them into your design. Here are a few tips for using mirrors in interior design.

Multiplying Light

Light is an amazing design element because you can experiment with it in a variety of interesting ways. The right amount of light can set the perfect mood for the environment. If any given room in your home tends to remain a little too dim, consider adding a lamp and a mirror. When positioned properly, the mirror will reflect the light that your lamp gives off. This effectively multiplies the amount of light that is present and can go a long way in brightening up a room. When it comes to rooms with windows that receive natural light, you may be able to create an even warmer atmosphere by reflecting light from the window.

Wall to Ceiling Mirrors

A small space does not necessarily have to appear small, and tall mirrors can help to create the illusion of depth and size. When you install a mirror in your home that spans from the floor to the ceiling, you have the potential to “double” the size of your space. Tall mirrors are also practical because they can offer you a look at your full body when you get dressed, so you know if your outfit works together before you leave the house.

Serving as Artwork

Mirrors are not only useful in interior design because of their reflective properties. They can also serve as accents within your decorative design. You can experiment with different types of frames and different placements until you find the perfect spot for your mirror. You can also place two or more mirrors next to each other, or even create a collage.

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