Your Choices for Frameless Shower Design

Adding frameless shower doors to your bathroom will help to make your space look more modern and also make it appear as though it is larger than it really is. Reflective Glass Showers & Mirrors LLC can install custom glass shower doors in Boca Raton and show you how to make the most of your new bathroom.

The frameless shower doors package that we offer includes an initial consultation, the delivery of your new shower, and an installation that is custom-built to your exact specifications. We offer you the option of clear, frosted, rain, or low-iron glass and use high-quality mounting hardware to put your frameless shower enclosure together. We can also make suggestions as far as other updates to your bathroom are concerned. When you trust Reflective Glass Showers & Mirrors LLC with your frameless glass shower doors, we will see to it that you love the final result.


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